SM-8 Shack Master Operation


LCD Display

  Operation of the SM-8 Shack Master is quite simple. The main screen shows the operating frequency and band on the top line of the display. The bottom line shows the currently selected antenna and if the antenna selection is in Auto or Manual mode.

   The bottom line can also show operational error messages. The SwErr message indicates no communications with the antenna switch. This only applies to ShackLAN equipped switches such as the 2x8-Pak and 4x8-Pak.

   For multiple radio ShackLAN equipped switches the Shack Master will indicate when a desired antenna is already in use by another radio by displaying the Busy message.

Direct antenna selection


   The Shack Master provide two methods of antenna selection. The AUTO mode determines the current band of operation from radio data and automatically selects the antenna assigned to that band. The AUTO mode is activated by pressing the AUTO button.

   Antennas may also be selected manually using the PREV and NEXt buttons. When these buttons are pressed the Shack Master automatically enters the MANUAL mode.

   When using a ShackLAN equipped switch the antenna selection shown on the display is the actual antenna selection reported by the switch. If the Shack Master is configured to operate in Macro mode the currently selected macro will be displayed instead of the actual antenna selection. More information on the ShackLAN Macro system can be found here.